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UPS and Controller

Product features:

  • single channel and four channel
  • Eye and flasher connection
  • Reverse capability
  • Auto Close setting feature
  • Anti-theft coding system
  • Battery-free functionality
  • Ability to install manual key
  • Emergency lamp capability
  • Large and strong transformer


In this article, we are going to get acquainted with different types of controller and UPS. Hutte Trading produces and supplies various controller , including four-channel controller, full-option controller, anti-crash controller, hopping controller, and 3-relay controller. As you may or may not know, the controller is responsible for controlling the automatic door motor, and if we want to have a more technical definition of it, the controller is a means of controlling the motor by remote control. Join us as we learn more about the orbit of hutteco’s business controllers.

Features of the controller and UPS of the side motors

At the beginning of the discussion, there was talk about defining the controller, and that’s enough. The controller has features that we will discuss below. An eye connection between the door and the pedestrian to ensure the safety of the door and passers-by, and acts in such a way that it automatically opens when someone recognizes the door between the door. The Flasher connection is opening to notify others of the door fog. Auto close, which is for cases where if we forget to close the door or do not close the door for any reason, the door closes automatically.

Run Time feature, by adjusting this feature up and down, if the engine switch limit is not activated and the engine is not stopped, the controller detects the engine’s movement according to the set time and stops the motor. AC and DC UPS have built-in backup power so that the door can be moved with the battery when there is no power.

Side UPS and controller of side motors

This controller has all the features mentioned above, and the only thing it can’t do is backup power. But the advantage of this controller over its competitors is coding or anti-theft code. This means that one hundred million codes are defined for this controller, which is randomly assigned a code each time you press the remote, and the remote code is never the same. And even these codes can’t be copied, and that’s how your door is anti-theft.

But in learning coding, the code exchanged is a clear and duplicate code, and thieves can find the remote code and copy it to another remote, thus taking control of your door.

Types of Side controller

مدار فرمان ساید هیوت و کازا

  •   UPS DC Side : Available in four models: HUTTE, CASA, NEU and TOR, it has backup power.
  •  UPS AC Side : It is only for 300, 500 and 600 kg HUTTE motors and has backup power.
  • AC Side Controller : Available in four models: HUTTE, CASA, NEU and TOR , but does not support electricity.

But what we need to know about the Neo-Tour controller is that it has no backup power, its encoding system is learning (it means not anti-theft) and has a lower quality level than the HUTTE and CASA controller, but less than the market controller. It has a better quality level.


DC side motors, depending on the type of voltage they have, can only work with this UPS. Features of this UPS include backup power, optical connection, Flasher connection, single channel and four channel capability, emergency lamp connection (used for times when the parking power is off and dark, the lamp is turned on by pressing the remote light and the lighting to the parking lot It comes back with a new design and the use of larger and more powerful transformers, known in the market as UPS Transformers.

مدار فرمان UPS DC Side

Auto Close capability (adjustable between 0 and 180 seconds), the ability to reverse the function of ups by the button, having the off / on button to turn off and on the power input of the ups (in fact, if you do this every now and then) Empty the batteries of the UPS batteries and increase the battery life. Work with the battery every 2 weeks for one day.)

Most UPS’s on the market do not work if the battery cable is not connected to the battery and the UPS is plugged in (the battery is not in controller). But this UPS also works without a battery, so the customer can disconnect the battery from the UPS if they wish.


Features of this controller include eye and flash connection, the ability to reverse the function of the controller, Auto close capability without setting up to only 90 seconds, learning coding, battery-free functionality, single-channel and four-channel capability, manual key installation and design capability New boarding and the use of larger and more powerful transformers known in the market as UPS Transformers.

Type of tubular motors ups and controller

  •  UPS DC Tubular :It is only for the Newton Hutte DC 100 motor.
  •  UPS AC Tubular :For engines under 140 NM, the HUTTE.
  • AC Tubular Controller :The three models offer 4 tubular channel, anti-crash tubular and tubular hopping, and its brand is Hutte.

 UPS DC Side

The specifications of this controller are exactly the same as those of the Hutte and Casa DC Side UPS, and new features are expected to be added soon.

 UPS AC Side

As mentioned earlier, this controller is for motors below 140 NM of hydraulics and is capable of eye and flash installation, and uses 443 learning coding. The Auto close feature is also in this controller.

AC Tubular controller

This controller has four different types. 1- Tubular 4-channel controller 2- Anti-crash controller 3- Hoping tubular controller 4-Full channel controller

It is important to note that for all Neo, Casa and HUTTE tubular motors, only the HUTTE ac-tubular controller can be used, except for the 100-Newton DC HUTTE motor, which uses the UPS DC Tubular controller.

 Tubular 4-channel controller

The characteristics of this controller are as follows; it has the ability to single channel to four channels. It has the ability to install an antenna to add remote range. It also has the ability to reverse the operation of the controller. Auto Remote Encryption Capability Another feature (used when you have installed the engine and the controller is out of reach and you do not have access to the learn button) has the Auto close feature built into this controller.

Full channel controller

This controller has all the capabilities of a 4-channel tubular controller except the ability to add an antenna. In addition to the mentioned features, it has the ability to install eye and flash, Auto close, adjust the operating time or Run Time and the ability to stop or move up, after identifying the obstacle in front of the eye between the doors.

Anti-crash controller

It has the ability to install Flasher, reverse the function of the door, encode learning and the ability to single-channel to four-channel. This controller cannot be installed visually, because the controller itself is its anti-theft controller, and when the door hits an obstacle, the motor controller the command to stop the door. It’s worth noting that this anti-scratch feature or collision barrier is built into the motor gearbox, which greatly reduces the error rate. This controller is only for hybrid anti-hail tubular motors.

Hoping tubular controller

This controller is quite similar to the full channel controller, which also has a number of more capabilities. Hoping coding with a frequency of 433. This controller is used in places where, in addition to the entrance door of the building, there is a door for parking and we have to go through two doors to enter and exit the car. If the coding of the controller is the main door of the hopping, the controller of the second door can be selected so that the system has the coding of the hopping and only having one remote can control both doors.

3-relay controller

مدار فرمان 3 رله

This controller can be considered as a separate accessory to add a remote to the system. This controller can be used in all home alarm systems and any other system that needs to be connected to the remote.

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