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Hutte tubular motor HA model

Product Features:

  • Maximum lifting capacity based on shaft diameter
  • It has a manual release
  • Attractive and different design with the use of variety colors
  • Standard manual switch limit
  • Smooth operation, easy installation
  • low weight
  • Can be used in a variety of shutters, canopies and parking doors
  • Very low noise


Have you ever wondered why these types of motors are called tubular? Or where should these motors be used? Stay tuned to Hutteco Trading to find out more. The reason for naming these types of motors goes back to their shape, which is like a pipe, and in fact the meaning of the word “Tubular” in English goes back to anything like a pipe. Do you really know what projects each Hutte tubular motor is suitable for?

Features and services of tubular motor

Tubular motors can be used in any project according to the weight of the door and its size. Just know how many kilos your door weighs and how big it is. We propose a type of motor for each project, which we will examine below. Beautiful design, smooth operation, use of matte colors, placement of parts inside and saving space, maximum high differential power based on the diameter of the shaft and providing warranty and after-sales service are just some of our features and services for tubular engines.

All tubular motors are the same shape and only their diameter makes a difference.

Types of Hutte tubular motors

  • Hutte tubular motor AC HA45 model
  • Hutte tubular motor AC HA59 model
  • Hutte tubular motor AC HA59 model -Anti-crash
  • Hutte tubular motor DC HA59 model
  • Hutte tubular motor AC HA64 model
  • Hutte tubular motor AC HA92 model

Join Hutteco Trading to explore the specifications and features of Hubble’s tubular engines, so that we can improve our information on tubular engines so that we can choose the right engine for each project. Tubular motors are divided into two groups, AC and DC.

Hutte tubular motor AC HA45 model

These motors are for smart projects weighing less than 50 kg and can be used in a variety of curtains, awnings, projector screens and semi-circular shutters. Semi-light means doors less than 12 square meters and weighing less than 70 kg.

The distinctive features of this engine are very low weight and easy to carry along with low noise, about 45 decibels and high security. In addition to these features, we add a beautiful design and smooth operation along with a standard manual manual switch limit with precise placement, indicating a suitable and excellent engine for light projects. The weight of this type of motor varies between 2.1 and 3.2 kg, depending on its model.



Note that this model of tubular motor does not have a manual release in the 10 to 50 Newton models, and is only a 50 Newton model with a release.

Hutte tubular motor AC HA59 model

This motor has more power and torque than the HA45 motor, which makes it possible to use it in heavier projects. Heavier projects mean heavier doors weighing more than 70 kg and larger than 12 square meters. The maximum lifting capacity of the door is 200 kg.

It should be noted that the diameter of the shaft, end-cap, crown and adapter in this type of engine is normally considered to be 82 mm, which can be changed to 67 mm if required and at the request of the customer. The AC 190 n.m tubular motor also has a 106mm or 4-inch crown and adapter and can be mounted on a 106mm tube.


Hutte tubular motor AC HA59 model -Anti-crash

Its anti-crash tubular motor is suitable for all types of shutter doors, large awnings and store and parking doors. Its anti-crash motor features prevent loss of life and property due to the new two-mode rebound system (anti-scratch system), smooth operation and very low noise.

What exactly does its anti-crash do?


In its anti-crash motors, when the door is lowered, if there is an obstacle in the way of the door and it hits it, the function of the door will automatically stop and the door will rise again. The advantage of this feature is that it does not prevent damage to the door, as well as objects or objects that are in the way of the door. Or even worse, think that your child is under …


Hutte tubular motor DC HA59 model

The DC tubular motor is for locations that require backup power (BACK UP). BACK UP power means that when the city power is cut off, the motor operates using the backup power provided by the UPS. DC motors are used in places where there is a lot of traffic, because DC motors heat up later than AC.


Hutte tubular motor AC HA64 model

The HA64 AC tubular motor has a maximum lifting power of 221 kg based on the shaft and is very suitable for shutters, shops and awnings. This type of motor has a manual release so that the door can be opened and closed in case of emergency and power outages. The specifications of this type of tubular motor are as follows.


Hutte tubular motor AC HA92 model

This type of tubular motor is suitable for heavy projects such as large parking doors, large shutter doors and factory doors. The maximum high tensile strength of the door in this type of motor is 400 kg based on the diameter of the shaft. These motors also have a manual release so that the door can be opened and closed during a power outage. The specifications of the HA92 AC tubular motor are as follows.



We’ve found that there are different types of Hutte tubular motors, each suitable for one type of door and project, depending on the size and weight of your door. It should be noted that before ordering the product, be sure to read the features of the products to make the right and safe choice. All of these products come with a warranty and after-sales service. To buy products, all you have to do is contact us.

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