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HUTTE side motor

Product features:

  • Attractive and different design with the use of beautiful colors
  • high lifting power
  • Optimal design with light weight
  • Easy installation and long lifetime
  • Reliable functionality
  • Low energy wasted
  • Ability to open and close the door manually in an emergency situation and power outage



موتور ساید AC هیوت

The Hutte side motor is one of the best automatic door motors in Iran and is available in two types, AC and DC. The Hutte AC side motor uses 220 volts of alternating current or alternating current. The controller is used to steer and move these motors. It should be noted that we can also use UPS to power this type of motor. The main coil of the motor is made of copper with a high number of turns. This advantage increases the actual power of the motor, the torque, and ultimately its output power compared to other side motors with aluminum winding, and since copper resistance is greater than aluminum, these motors heat up later, thus showing better performance. they give. Join Hutte trading to learn more about this motor.

Types of Hutte AC side motor

Hutte AC motors are available in 200-300-500-800-1000-1300- 1500 and 2200 kg models. Models between 200 and 1000 kg use single-phase electricity and models 1300 to 2200 kg use three-phase electricity. In the following tables, you can see the specifications of the different types of AC side-by-side motors.

مشخصات موتور ساید AC هیوت

Types of Hutte DC side motor

Due to the DC voltage and different structure of the motor, they heat up later in high traffic, which is why this motor is used in high traffic (such as parking). These motors have more depreciation than AC motors and require more service, maintenance and maintenance. The armature winding of the Hutte side motor is made of high purity copper, which gives us high output power. The coil of the brake (coil or coil) is also made of copper, which makes the motor last longer and also heats up later, resulting in more durability.

It should be noted that weaker brands are usually made of aluminum. The use of high quality alloy in the gearbox and motor body along with the controller along with the backup battery or the same UPS with different capabilities are the features of the Hutte and Casa side motors. It should be noted that, given that the Hutte DC side motor uses a voltage of 24 volts, it avoids potential hazards. The motor is offered in three models, each of which can handle heavier doors and larger projects, respectively. It is offered in 300, 500 and 750 kg models. The following table clearly shows the specifications of these motors.

مشخصات موتور ساید DC هیوت

Hutte side motor features

In addition to the main coil of the motor being made of copper, the bobbin coil of these motors is also made of copper. Here, too, being copper is an advantage and makes the bobbin hotter later, thus extending its life and preventing the brake pad from jamming. For example, when the door is working in a row or the door is high.

In addition, the 4-relay power system in the cap section makes the engine better switching and more efficient. The use of high quality alloys and raw materials in the construction of gearboxes and motor bodies increases the quality of these types of motors.

You will feel very little vibration in this type of motor. It has the ability to open and close the door manually during power outages.

Controller with hopping coding


Hipping controller code commands mean that 100 million codes are defined for these controllers, and each time a remote is tapped, a code is randomly selected and your remote code is never fixed, so thieves can’t open the door with a fixed code. . Other features of this controller include Flash port, eye port, Auto close, and Run time. Auto close means that if you forget to close the door, the door will close automatically after a certain period of time. And the Run time feature is the amount of time a motor can run continuously.

When the motor switch limit is broken, the motor controller stops to prevent possible damage. And to save energy, the control controller uses electricity only when it is in use, and is standby when idle.


Hutte AC side motor is one of the best examples of side motors in Iran, which has taken a big step towards the quality of these types of motors with its beautiful design and low noise and the placement of the main motor coil and the motor coil. Another feature of this motor is its coding, which anti-theft the engine and provides security.

The Hutte DC motor can be installed and used in high-traffic areas such as parking lots because it heats up more slowly and performs better in high-traffic areas. They have very little noise and save electricity (the controller only consumes power at the moment of receiving the power command) and can continue to operate when the power is off, given that it also has a battery. See other Hutteco business products. And contact us if needed.

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