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CASA side motor

Product features:

  • Attractive and different design with the use of beautiful colors
  • High power powerful traction
  • Optimal design with light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Long lifetime
  • Reliable functionality
  • Ability to open and close the door manually in case of emergency and power outages
  • High lifting power



Another pure motor in the field of side motors is the Casa side motor. This result is based on customer feedback. Like the Hutte side motor, it uses 220 volts, or alternating current. The steering motor is used to controller and drive the Casa side motor, and we can also use UPS or backup power supply with different capabilities to power this type of motor.

These motors are economical, economical, and, despite their low price, have a long service life and excellent performance. As you know, side motors are offered in two main models, AC and DC, and the main difference between the two is in the type of motor structure. DC motors are commonly used for places with more traffic because DC motors heat up later and can perform better.

CASA side motor features

This motor is very similar to the Hutte side motor, so stay tuned to the Hutte business to find out. Like the Hutte motor, the Casa motor is made of alloy and high-quality materials, and the gearbox and body are the same as the Hutte motor, but with the difference that the body color is yellow. 🙂

Hopping coding

Like the Hutte Bobbin motor, the Casa motor is made of copper and its controller uses hopping coding. As you know, as we mentioned in previous tutorials, Hopping coding is a high-security anti-theft coding. what does it mean!? This means that in this coding, one million codes are defined that every time it is remotely tapped, a code is randomly given to the remote, and your remote code is never fixed, which means security. 🙂

Now let’s say you press the remote button 50 times a day, it takes 20,000 days for the first code given to the remote to be given to the remote again. That means 55 years! Let’s think together …

Casa side motor winding

Well, after thinking about it, let’s learn a little more about this product. The high tensile strength of this product is very high, it has a light weight that makes it easy to install, and in case of power failure, you can open and close the door manually.

The armature winding of this motor is made of copper with a high purity percentage, which makes the motor have a higher output power. The coil of the brake (coil or coil) is made of copper, which increases the life of the motor and heats it later, resulting in more durability. It’s good to know that weaker brands are usually made of aluminum.

The difference between Casa Side motor and Hutte Side motor

The case of the Casa motor winding is made of aluminum, which is slightly weaker than the copper material of the Hutte motor, and the two-relay power system is used in the cap of the Casa side motor.

Types of Casa AC side motor

مشخصات موتور ساید AC کازا

Types of Casa DC side motor

مشخصات موتور ساید DC کازا


The Casa Side motor has a Boeing copper, aluminum winding, hopping coding and finally a two-relay power system in the cap. In terms of price and cost, it is much more affordable than its counterpart, Hutte, and this price difference is due to the fact that it is not copper. In terms of performance, it has a very useful life and good performance, and it has a warranty. Contact Hutteco trading to purchase the product or get the price.

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