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Hutte brush-less DC motor

Product Features:

  • Low noise
  • Less weight, higher power
  • Smaller size than a bottle of mineral water
  • Less power consumption
  • Increase device efficiency
  • No charcoal = less depreciation
  • UPS works with only one battery
  • Different types fit the door


 388/5000 Brush means electric coal door motors. The brush motors had two coals through which they transmitted electricity to the engine’s armature and caused the motor to move. But with or without charcoal, the brush-less motor is replaced by a commutator armature that transmits electricity to the commutator and is driven by the motor’s existing magnet. This engine is the size of a bottle of mineral water and its height is less than 27 cm. Send feedback History Saved Community

Another feature of brush-less motors is that they are DC (when you touch the motor, it doesn’t catch your electricity :)). These motors are compatible with direct current, battery and UPS (UPS) and can use the battery and move the door in the event of a power outage.

Hutte brush-less DC motor

In addition to being brush-less, these motors also have anti-shock capability, which stops when there is an obstacle between the door and reverses the flow. You can also determine the amount of anti-allergy sensitivity. These engines are more powerful and more capable than previous DC engines.

Another feature of the Brush-less Hutte engine is that it can be installed on both sides of the door without having to replace parts. The anti-theft hopping 433 is embedded in it. The engine is available in a variety of models to accommodate any door with any weight. Models 80-120-300-400-600 are available, and these numbers indicate the weight of each door that the engine can withstand.

It is best to use 60 to 80 percent of the maximum acceptable engine weight in projects to ensure that the installation is standard and to prevent engine malfunctions.

Specifications of Brush-less Hoot engines

مشخصات موتورهای براشلس دی‌سی هیوت

To buy this engine, you can coordinate with Hutte’s business sales department. If you have any questions about the performance and specifications of this engine, you can apply through the communication channels available on the site.

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