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NEU side motor

Product features:

  • Lightweight and portable with the best quality
  • Very low vibration and sound
  • long life
  • Ability to operate in power outages
  • Easy operation with high safety
  • Has a one-year warranty



موتور ساید نئوAs you know, side motors are offered in two main models, AC and DC, and the main difference between the two is the type of engine structure. DC motors are commonly used for high-traffic areas because DC motors heat up later and can perform better. The Neo Side Engine is no exception and has two types, AC and DC. Join Hutte Trading to explain these models.

NEU Side Motor

This motor offers unique features along with reasonable prices. These features include optimal design with light weight and the best quality with very low vibration and sound. Motor life is long and has a one-year warranty. When the power goes out, the door can be opened and closed manually.

The armature winding of this motor is made of copper, but the coil of the coil is made of aluminum, which is weaker than the side-of-the-hood motor, which is made of copper. The gearbox and body of these motors are made of high quality material.


This motor is available in two models, 300 and 500, the specifications of which can be clearly seen in the table below.


input voltageDiameter(inch)Max lifting height(m)speed(r.min)torque(N.m)advancing force (Kg.f)Power(W)Model
220V / 50Hz465.2168300250Neu-AC300
380V / 50Hz476.2345500370Neu-AC500

 NEU side motor AC model

This motor is also available in two models, 300 and 500, the specifications of which can be clearly seen in the table below.



Input voltageDiameter(inch)max lifting height(m)speed(r.min)torque(N.m)Advancing force (Kg.f)Power(W)Model
220V / 50Hz463.7168300150Neu-DC300
380V / 50Hz464.6345500370Neu-DC500


If you are looking for a cheap motor but with a guaranteed warranty and performance, the NEU side motor can definitely be one of your choices. This motor is offered in two models, AC and DC, which is DC model for environments that have more traffic. This motor also offers a one-year warranty and the parts of this engine are supplied up to one decade. To connect with us, choose one of the ways available on the site.

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